Streamplify streaming webcam


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FHD 60FPS Webcam

Featuring full HD 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second, the CAM delivers crystal clear video quality. All glass lens with built-in smart autofocus captures crisp and razor-sharp video with fast and smooth picture adjustment.

Comes with a lightweight yet sturdy foldable tripod that allows for easy height adjustment (standing height 14.5cm – 21cm).

  • Full HD 1080P/60FPS Webcam
  • Autofocus and Automatic Light Enhancement
  • Foldable and Portable Tripod
  • Wide Screen View 90° and 360° Swivel
  • Anti-spy Sliding Webcam Cover
  • Stereo Microphone w/ Realtek Solution

Streaming Made Simple

A simple yet elegant solution for anyone looking to start streaming or recording videos for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. The Streamplify CAM delivers everything you need and more with full HD video resolution, autofocus, and a foldable tripod.

Crystal Clear HD Video

Featuring full HD 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second, the CAM delivers vivid and smooth video quality down to the most minute detail. 2.0MP pixel camera ensures that you capture only the sharpest and clearest images.

All-Glass Lens With Autofocus

Crafted with a premium glass lens with built-in smart autofocus to capture crisp and razor-sharp video while ensuring fast and smooth picture adjustment.

Adjustable 360-degree Swivel

Fully adjustable camera head design with 45° up-down adjustment and 360° swivel allows you to set your CAM to your preferred position and angle with ease.

Wide Angle 90-degree View

Show off your background and capture your surroundings. Featuring a wide angle lens with 90° field of view, the CAM is not only ideal for streaming and recording videos, but also presentations, conferencing, and video calling friends and family.

Sturdy & Adjustable Tripod

Lightweight yet sturdy foldable tripod allows for easy height adjustment (standing height 14.5cm – 21cm) and positioning to achieve the perfect angle and view for your stream. Includes anti-shock rubber feet on the tripod legs to ensure reliable stability and prevent movement caused by bumps or vibrations.

Easy & Stable Mounting

With a convenient mounting clip that allows for easy and seamless mounting, CAM can be placed on any monitor, laptop, or even flat on your desk. Designed for stability, CAM is sure to hold fast on your monitor even with excessive movement or shaking.

Stereo Microphone w/ Realtek Solution

Dual microphones on either side of the CAM achieves a clearer and fuller sound quality. Powered by Realtek’s two-mic voice processing solution, CAM records audio in 10M, S/N>48dB for high-quality voice recording.

Protect Your Privacy

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your privacy. The CAM comes with a built-in anti-spy webcam shutter that blocks the camera lens, keeping your privacy safe and secure whenever the camera’s not in use.

Automatic Light Enhancement

Auto adjusts image brightness and color to achieve the best possible lighting result while making the image look beautiful yet natural.

Plug and Play

No need to install any drivers or software. Simply plug in your CAM right out of the box and you’re ready to go. The USB 2.0 connector is designed with the standard UVC/UVA protocol so it can be used with nearly any device.

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