MSI CreatorPro M16 A12UKS ( i7 / RTX A3000 ) Notebook


銷售價格$22,800.00 正常價格$22,999.00


▸ OS: Windows 11 Pro
▸ CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-12700H 14Cores
▸ GPU: RTX A3000 Laptop GPU, GDDR6 12GB
▸ RAM: DDR IV 3200Mhz 32GB ( 16GB * 2 )
▸ Storage: 1TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD
▸ Panel: 16" QHD+ ( 2560 x 1600 ), 60Hz DCI-P3 100%
▸ Warranty: 2 Years

CreatorPro M16 KV
The CreatorPro is the most powerful mobile workstation with leading-edge technology. With ISV Certification to ensure hardware and software stability with professional demands. Create for architects, programmers, and designers. Immerse yourself in creativity.
intel i7 logo
Performance Meet Experts
The CreatorPro easily supports your complex projects and multitasking workflow. Deliver the performance you need for architecture, AI, VR, CAE simulation,3D renders and much more.

* Performance compared to previous gen i7-11800H. Specs varies by model.

14 Cores
Up to 30% performance boost
CreatorPro M16 CPU
nvidia RTX
NVIDIA RTX™ Powered Professional Laptops:
Create the Future from Anywhere
NVIDIA RTX technology has transformed professional workflows, bringing the power of real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced graphics to millions of designers, artists, scientists, and researchers. Rapid adoption of RTX, coupled with surging demand to work from anywhere, has made powerful, thin and light laptops critical for productivity. Now, professionals have the power to design the future in real-time wherever they are.

* Specs vary by model.

CreatorPro M16 GPU
True Pixel
True Pixel Display
Experience unparalleled contrast and vibrant visuals in any environments that are necessary for your creative workflow in designs, photos, videos and renders.

* Optional, specs vary by model. Display accuracy and Delta-E value may change over time as displays age due to normal wear and tear. Periodical color calibration is recommended for optimal color accuracy.

CreatorPro M16 Display
Golden Ratio
Unlimited Creativity
The 16:10 display echoes the Golden Ratio 1.618, the perfect ratio considered as the law of beauty. This aspect ratio display gives an extra 11% room than 16:9 to check workspace and timeline in Adobe applications.
CreatorPro M16 16:10
Studio Made Pro
For on-the-go designers, the CreatorPro allows you to reimagine how you design. No matter where you are, you can easily concentrate on processing versatile solutions and maximize the productivity of design.
2.26 kg Weight
CreatorPro M16 Battery life
Connect to All
Expand further with compatibility to MSI Docking Station.
CreatorPro M16 IO Port
Faster Wireless Experience
With Wi-Fi 6 outstanding throughput and low latency, you can always enjoy smooth streaming of online videos, or deliver your innovative idea uninterrupted.
MSI Center Pro
MSI Center Pro

MSI Center Pro takes optimization to the next level with easily adjustable system modes and resources for a wide range of scenarios and needs.
Military-Grade Durability
Military-Grade Durability
To ensure the best of the best, the product meets the MIL-STD-810G military standard for reliability and durability.


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