Keychron - K86R RGB Wireless 無線彩光機械軸鍵盤

軸體: 青軸


K86R RGB Wireless 機械軸鍵盤
● Gateron Switch 青/紅/茶軸
● 機械鍵軸提供極速反應與舒適按壓回饋
● 底蓋棉墊與矽膠夾心墊減少雜音,增強打感
● 全鍵區採用Gateron熱插拔軸座,可自行替換鍵軸
● 高效能無線2.4G/有線USB-C雙介面
● USB-C鍵線分離與可調整兩段式腳架
● PBT二色成形鍵帽,乾爽止滑耐打油
● 多彩RGB背光,支援動態特效功能
● 內建快捷鍵,包括多媒體功能、郵件、全鍵鎖定及電腦鎖定
● 產品重量 : 約 1.17kg
● 尺寸 : 384 (L) X 139(W) X 40 (H) mm
K86R  - RGB Illuminated Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
● Gateron  Switch Blue / Red / Brown  RGB Switches
● Mechanical switches provide fast response and comfortable press feedback
● Bottom cover cotton pad and silicone sandwich pad reduce noise and enhance the feeling of hitting
● The full key area adopts Gateron hot-swappable shaft seat, which can replace the key shaft by yourself
● High-performance wireless 2.4G/wired USB-C dual interface
● USB-C key cable separation and adjustable two-stage tripod
● PBT two-color formed keycaps, dry, slip-resistant and oil-resistant
● Colorful RGB backlight, support dynamic special effects
● Built-in shortcut keys, including multimedia functions, mail, full key lock and computer lock
● Product weight: about 1.17kg
● Size: 384 (L) X 139(W) X 40 (H) mm

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