HYTE Y70 Touch ATX 機箱 (多色) + HYTE MEET Keeb TKL RGB 鍵盤 (漢科限定組合)

顏色: 全黑


Y70 Touch Custom PC with LCD screen ($3599) + HYTE MEET KEEB TKL KEYBOARD  ($1580)


Modern Aesthetic Case

Enhanced In Every Dimension

Y70 is an upgraded dual chamber ATX mid tower modern aesthetic case that delivers next gen gaming experiences with massive 4 slot vertical graphics and unlocks maximum performance via ginormous cooling capacity. All while celebrating your favorite hardware by showing off your PC the way it was meant to be seen.

Product Features

Massive 4 Slot Vertical Graphics

Y70 grows GPU support to 4 slots with additional airflow space between the edge of the card and the glass. This means you can fit even the largest and most powerful of graphics cards into your build with ease. Additionally, the cold floor cooling down below can house up to a trio of 120mm or duo of 140mm fans up to 32mm thick to direct fresh airflow straight into the GPU.

Included Luxury PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable

Included with the case is a luxury PCIE 4.0 x 16 riser with a color-matched canopy for uninterrupted visual flow that'll make for a painless GPU installation and build process. It also allows for a plethora of half-height PCIE cards to sit behind the throne of the vertical graphics.

Ginormous Cooling Capacity

A spacious interior makes room for up to a 360mm long & 125mm thick radiator on the side and adjustable top bracket that can house another 360mm radiator up to 68mm thick up above. Working together with the cold floor cooling at the bottom and spot for an additional fan at the rear of the case, Y70 has a total capacity of 10 fans in a fully populated chassis. With over 180mm of clearance to the side glass, air and water cooling enthusiasts alike will appreciate the flexibility afforded to them by the chassis to create the most robust cooling configurations possible.

Unified Modern Aesthetic

With 4 unique colorways, Y70 puts your build front and center with a beautifully crafted 3-piece panoramic glass which serves as a window into the heart of your PC. The dual chamber interior layout keeps the front looking great while giving you plenty of space to manage cables in the back, especially with the help of our seamless L-shaped molded rubber grommet, meticulously placed cable routing channels & tie-down points, and reusable Velcro straps. All easily accessible with tool-less top and side panels alongside floating storage sleds that eject from the rear of the case for intuitive drive maintenance.

Mesmerizing 14.1" Integrated Touchscreen (Y70 Touch Only)

At a resolution of 1100 x 3840 (4K) and refresh rate of 60Hz, this capacitive touchscreen delivers an insanely crisp and buttery smooth visual experience alongside 10-point multi-touch capability which unlocks a magnitude of possibilities with extensive screen customization powered by HYTE Nexus software. All in a single package integrated into the case chassis structure, pioneering meaningful digital interaction with the best display ever in a case.

Tech Specs


Dual Chamber Mid-Tower ATX Case

Exterior Dimensions

470 x 320 x 470 mm

Volume (L)


Motherboard Sizes


Expansion Slots

7 half + 4 full height

Riser Cable Included

Yes, PCIE 4.0 x 16


1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1, 1x 3.5mm Audio/Mic Combo Jack

Dust Filters

Top, Side, Bottom

Top Fans

3x 120 mm / 2x 140 mm

Top Radiator

120-360, 140-280 @ 68 mm thick

Rear Fans

1x 120/140 mm

Rear Radiator

1x 120/140 mm

Side Fans

3x 120 mm / 2x 140 mm

Side Radiator

120-360, 140-280 @ 125 mm thick

Bottom Fans

3x 120 mm / 2x 140 mm @ 32 mm thick

Max Video Card Length

422 mm

Max Video Card Thickness

105 mm

Max CPU Cooler Height

180 mm

Max PSU Length

235 mm


2x 3.5" HDD or 4x 2.5" SSD

LCD Screen (Y70 Touch Only)

14.1” 1100 x 3840 (4K) Capacitive Touchscreen (283 PPI)

Touch Input

10-Point Multi-Touch

Powered By Nexus (Y70 Touch Only)

Yes, Nexus Touch


3 Years

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