Antec VORTEX 240 ARGB 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler 水冷



  • VORTEX 240
    The Epoch-Making All in One ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler
    Suspended Spiral
    Pump Head Design
    The suspended spiral pump head inspired by the image of a vortex provides outstanding cooling performance and various lighting effects from different angles.
    Highly Efficient Cooling Pump

    High Performance Cooling

    Performance data tested with Vortex 360 on AMD Ryzen 5600x
    EPDM High-Density Tubing
    The EPDM high-density tubing is very durable, making less loss of liquid.
    Superior Fin Density
    Massive 13 fins dissipate heat rapidly.
    Antec Fusion PWM ARGB Fan
    The Vortex 240 ARGB adopted the Antec Fusion PWM ARGB Fan with a unique multilateral-shaped lighting frame with 16 LEDs projecting the most harmonious lighting effects and providing more powerful cooling for the CPU.
    Included ARGB Controller Working
    in Sync with the Motherboard
    The included ARGB controller works with the motherboard, customizing each individual LED in color and effect.

    Radiator Dimensions 277 x 120 x 27 mm
    Radiator Material Aluminum
    Tdp Number
    Vortex240 240W
    Dimensions ¢67 x 48.5 mm
    Rating Voltage DC 12 V
    Minimum Startup Voltage ≥ 5.0 V
    Fan Speed 2800±10% RPM
    Rated Current 0.25±20% A
    Consumed Power 3.0 W
    Flow rate ≥ 1300 mL / min
    Water Pressure 1.4M
    Operation Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C
    Noise Level ≤ 28 dB(A)
    Lifespan 40,000 hours
    Connector PUMP: 3-pin | LED: 3-pin
    Model Name Fusion 120 ARGB fan (AH12012FM1)
    Fan Type PWM Fan
    Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    Bearing Type Hydraulic Bearing
    LED Type Addressable RGB
    Fan Speed 600±200 ~ 2000±10% RPM
    Airflow 57.93 CFM (max.)
    Air Pressure 2.11 mmH₂O (max.)
    Fan Noise Level 31.24 dB(A)
    Lifespan 40,000 hours
    Connector FAN: 4-pin PWM | LED: 3-pin
    Rated Voltage FAN: DC 12 V | LED: DC 5 V
    Operation Voltage FAN: DC 6.0-13.8 V | LED: DC 4.5-5.5 V
    Rated Current FAN : ≤ 0.21 A | LED : ≤ 0.58 A
    Socket Compatibility CPU Intel : LGA 115X / 1200 / 1700 / 20XX
    AMD : AM3/AM4/AM5
    Warranty 3 years
    UPC# 0-761345-74046-3

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