Enermax AQUAFUSION 240mm AIO CPU Cooler



Glossy acrylic and Aurabelt™ water block for
  vivid lighting effects
Patented Dual Chamber water block design
Patented Shunt Channel Technology
ENERMAX SquA RGB fans included
Supports addressable RGB M/B sync
Luminous Aurabelt™ for vivid lighting effects
  The 3D Layer Design with Aurabelt™ provides unique rainbow effects with 16.8 million colors
    Patented Dual-Chamber Design water block
      Patented Dual-Chamber Design isolate the pump from the heat to prolong the cooler’s lifetime
Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) design and patented Shunt-Channel Technology (SCT)
  Patented Dual Chamber Design water block has a Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) structure, combined with the Shunt-Channel Technology (SCT) on the cold plate, it is able to inject the coolant at the hottest spot to prevent heat surges and shorten the coolant flow path, resulting in faster heat transfer
  ENERMAX SquA RGB, square-shaped addressable RGB fans featuring vortex frame design can generate centered, stronger air pressure, especially perfect for radiator
Addressable RGB lighting synchronization
  AQUAFUSION is designed to synchronize with addressable RGB motherboards (3 pin assignment is 5V/D/G) which users can program preferred lighting effects via motherboard software
  2 ways to control RGB lighting effects
Through Motherboard Software Through ENERMAX RGB Control Box
Users can sync the RGB lighting with motherboards featuring addressable RGB headers
(3 pin assignment is 5V/D/G)
Users can use the included control box to adjust preferred lighting effects (10 pre-set effects), brightness and speed
Premium 400mm weaved tubing is perfect for mainstream system builds
The channels on radiator are meticulously design, combined with thin aluminum fins to deliver high heat exchange capacity.
AQUAFUSION comes in 2 sizes:compact 120mm radiator and standard 240mm radiator

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